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One who seeks confrontation without seeking knowledge. A "ruffneck" usually fights dirty and often
Are you down to ride? We bout to pay back some ruffnecks from da club the other night
by J.D. February 25, 2004
A thuggish, rough street smart type guy. Heard in New York a lot.
That dude in the timbs and baggy jeans, smoking weed looked like a ruffneck.
by MesmerizeMe March 02, 2004
A skilled worker on a drilling rig, usually an entry level position.
I was a ruffneck when I stared in the oilfield, but now I am a drilling consultant making $350,000 a year.
by ruffneck94 February 05, 2006
1) Offshore oil rig worker. Mainly based out of Lousiana.
The roughnecks are coming in for hurricane season.
by Human Dictionary February 24, 2004
a person that is quite rowdy.
quit being such a ruffneck or i will show you what for.
by Shadow of a Man February 24, 2004
1)bad-ass, thinks they are tough
1)He thought he was a ruffneck but really he was a pansy.
by Desiree February 21, 2004
what menial, manual laborers are called in the oil & gas industry; also known as "rough necks"
High school drop-outs and other various and sundry dumbasses frequently find themselves "ruffnecking" in the ample oil and gas fields of North Central Texas.
by Dolphin_X February 20, 2004