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Gigantic boobs like double implants on jenna jameson!
Jesus fuckin christ dude check out her bazooms!
by J.D. March 27, 2004
A person considered to be obnoxious, stupid, or useless.
"I can't believe that guy tried to rob the bank right after cashing a check with his name on it. What a yabbo."
by J.D. May 13, 2004
1. A piece of wood that, when thrown, supposedly comes back at you.
2. A Cartoon Network service that airs old cartoons that CN says on the Boomerang ad "comes right back to your television" or something like that.
1. He threw the boomerang as far as he could.
2. She watched Boomerang on TV.
by J.D. January 18, 2005
Saint figure from American Southwest. Founded a religious movement to avoid going to Vietnam. Well known for his "Maxing and Relaxing" ideals. The Man tried to bring him down, but he won in the end.
"Hey Rob, San Popo was a saint figure from the American Southwest."
by J.D. January 20, 2005
One who seeks confrontation without seeking knowledge. A "ruffneck" usually fights dirty and often
Are you down to ride? We bout to pay back some ruffnecks from da club the other night
by J.D. February 25, 2004
An offensive term deliberately used to insult a persons actions or behaviors.
Wow, that dork is one big flugnard.
by J.D. November 10, 2003
My Mom would say this all the time when I was young (I am 31 now).
I second the notion that it is slang for "Oh S*#T", but (in my house) it was used in a "laid back" context.
(after stuffing you face at Thanksgiving dinner you unzip your pants and slide down on the couch)
"Ahh poopydust"
by j.d. December 16, 2004
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