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Any number of vegetables, such as lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, and others. This word comes from "roughage," which includes foods that are high in fiber and low in digestible nutrients.
Eat your ruffage or they'll be no dessert!
by Blast June 02, 2006
Leafy greens, vegetables, things of that nature
"Hey Dart, would you like a salad?"

"I don't eat ruffage!"

"Ok, you smarmy little dick."
by Cinnamon Crime Ring October 08, 2009
The act of sexual inter (or outer) course which results in one's hair becoming ruffled.
He ruffaged the living hell out of her in the barn, look at her hair it's all over the place and has bits of straw in it...
by hammer322 March 13, 2012
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