Russian killing cocktail: mixture of vodka and beer.
Yorsh - in russian.
Let us make a ruff for you!
by ShtormE September 04, 2007
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When you have sex to the point a hoe crys
Tommy had ruff sex last night!
by Texican May 14, 2004
Required Ugly Fat Friend- All women have one. It's the friend they stand next to to make them look pretty
Man did you see that girl's ruff? be a good wingman and jump on that grenade
by Voltai September 09, 2007
When you're not looking your best,
Bruv i look well ruff today!
by Sexii Bexii October 30, 2003
When a girl has a bangin body
look at that girls ruff.
by marice January 19, 2004
Croaston word for dog
"Those are some crazy ruffs."
by Diggums September 19, 2006
a less trendy way of using 'LOL' to represent laughing out loud when chatting online. You can use capital letters to represent harder laughter, and place them in any sequence depending on the type of laugh . 'ruFF' would be used if at first you just smiled, but then realized that what you read (or typed) was indeed, pretty funny.
Colin says: "My middle name is Susan."

Tim says: "rufF"

in this case, it wasn't terribly funny, but enough to get a smirk, then at the end, Tim realizes Colin is being especially silly and is forced to laugh.
by Canadian Night Hawk July 10, 2008

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