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As a Noun:

1. A well planned out and well executed personal prank.
2. A social experiment in which a group of people make reservations for popular restaurants and then bring large, stuffed fish beside which to sit during the meal, to the chagrin of other patrons.
3. A often costumed and seemingly random act of mischievious vandalism, usually accompanied by the words and phrases "Jonas", "Joner", "Jonas is Amish", "Penis", and especially "Nutsack".

As a verb:

To excute one of the aforementioned acts in a premeditated fashion.

"to ruckus" is often substituted for "to cause a ruckus"
The deviant youths planned a brilliant ruckus, involving painting a suspected communist classmate's driveway a brilliant crimson.

Unsuspecting, the schoolteacher was ruckused by masked teenagers wielding cucumbers and water balloon launchers.
by Boaz September 16, 2004
A huge fight, involving five or more, chasing and bashing one person
The Preston boys had a huge ruckus with a lebo
by PRESTON October 19, 2003
the swollen section of a woman who has had a baby, located under the bellybutton in the bladder region.
dude, your mom has a plump ruckus
by culp March 07, 2005
I got a running start when I stuck it in her ruckus!!
by Jesse March 10, 2004