The space between waking and dreaming.
Spooning, feeling the warmth of her soft warm breasts against my back, I remained in ruca, drifting in and out of sleep for what seemed like hours, feeling unlike I had ever felt before and wondering if this warmth was love, wondering if this person beside me was really a person or just a dream.
by ultrahealth September 29, 2007
most get the word from the sublime song...waiting for my means that your really love a girl and u think you have somthing but it turns out she has other "friends" but it doesnt matter u still want to kick it with her
I asked my girlfiend if there was any other guys, she said yes but your the best, i thought what a ruca.
by inapropriate March 02, 2006
A girl that is more than friends with benefits, but not quite your girlfriend. Usually the stage a relationship is at right before dating. Even though you guys aren't official, you'd still be pissed at her if you found out she was dating another guy
Andrew- Yo man is that girl you've been hanging around with your new girlfriend?
Rich- No, not yet, she's still just a ruca.
by Richerry Walker June 01, 2006
Guatemalan slang. A hot girl, but a degrading way to say it. Kind of like saying "that's my gangsta bitch."
Now she's my ruca...
by cookiethewaitress March 28, 2005
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