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In Spanish means old maid or older single woman.
In Chicano Slang it is mostly a derogatory term meaning older woman. Also means a tried woman, as in having been through the trials of life and living.
Can also mean an older woman of the barrio or older chola.

Meant to describe a girlfriend that has stayed by her boyfriend's side through difficult times, with an affectionate undertone. Also, to describe in light, derogatory (sometimes affectionate) terms a tried or worn woman no matter the age, identifying her presumed life experience.

When the older cholos referred to their girlfriends, they meant that they've been hanging around for a while. Better translated as 'old lady' as in "I'm a hang with my old-lady today."
El chango is hanging with his ruca and his kids at the car show.

El morro se agarro una bien ruca! (The youngster got himself an older/worn woman!)

She's been smoking since she was a kid, she's only 19 pero ya esta bien ruca. (but she's already old)
by gzr July 10, 2008

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