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a ferret that lives illegally in dorm rooms
"oh shit, don't let the RA's see Ruby!"
by yourface17 October 16, 2011
7 10
Short for Rubefin, an Amphetamine based substance given to kids that can't a good high too when crushed and snorted. Similar to ritty but is of varying potency. Ask ignorant kids at bus-stops for their prescriptions and you're set!
Degen type - "Hey little dude, hookus your entire month prescription of rubies and I'll lay a 20 on ya"
Little ADDer - "Wow man, $20 is so much money! yay!"
Degen type - ".....sucker"

easy as pie
by Nick "Cone" Connor October 04, 2005
3 7
The girlfriend/wife of a Blood (gang member).
I: You see snowbunny over there, thas my ruby.
H: Oh yeah, damn I got jumpoffs but I need me a ruby too.
by SnObunnY May 03, 2006
161 179
a. An Effel-like programming language that is much simpler than Java.

b. A red semi-presious stone.

c. A shade of red desembling them color of a ruby
a. puts 'What is your favorite color'
color = gets
puts 'I hate '+color+ '!'

b. Look at that huge ruby!!!

c. I liked the ruby paint better.
by Carmelator July 10, 2008
20 41
Cockney rhyming slang for a curry. Stems from a well known Irish female singer from the 50's by the name of Ruby Murray. As with all cockney rhyming slang the ryhming part is not used in speech.
Let's go out for a Ruby tonight (lets go out for a curry tonight).
by C Webb May 07, 2006
105 129
A Ruby is a large breasted creature with long brown hair, who seeks out men with small penises. when she gets horny she lurks around awaiting her next victim. if you meet one be sure you run away but beware she is very fast
also.. she is bi-sexual so girls be prepared for a loooonnngg night if you come across this wild beast...
"A Ruby raped my husband last night!"

Dan: did you hear what happened last night to jill

Joanne: no. is she ok
Dan: im afraid not... she got raped by a ruby
Joanne: Oh my god... that poor girl.
by horny mo;fo April 14, 2011
7 36
An emperor penguin that dwells in the lair of champaign that lives with a whaleshark.
Wow, look at that Ruby rolling around in the snow!
by Wisebuffalo February 11, 2010
18 47