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To turn something from a mess to perfection.
Dave: That piece of writing is an absolute mess. It's alright, I'll rubix it in the morning.
by MrFlibbleseyes April 23, 2009
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Another name for the female reproductive organ.

Not to be confused with the hit toy from the 70s, the Rubix cube.
Andrew: My girlfriend's p***y smells really bad and it's hairy.

Me: *Slap*, don't ever say that again white boy!, it's Rubix...and tell your girlfriend to clean herself and shave that shit....stop actin' a fool!
by Jeremy October 09, 2004
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Rubix cube- although similar to the popular Rubik's cube, the Rubix is a complecated puzzel shaped like a woman's clitorus. The cube at the end is something of a misnomer.
I cannot solve this oddly errotic Rubix cube.
by Mister Sunflower December 14, 2009
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