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To put a condum on your thumb and insert it into a vagina in a repetivie motion, imitating the usage of a penis.
He was too drunk to have sex with his girlfriend, so he just rubined her the whole night.
by peacepony July 24, 2008
To be "Rubined" is to be derided in a slightly humorous but ultimately patronizing way, usually by a smirking shake of the head or similar sign of bemused disappointment. "Rubining" is performed by a male after his neurotic or offbeat male companion makes a social faux paus in the company of the opposite sex.
Offbeat Friend: So anyways, my masturbation schedule...

Females react with shock and dismay

Rubiner: (Shaking head with a vague smirk on face, as if to signal friend to desist from speaking...This friend has been effectively "Rubined")
by Pelicano July 25, 2006
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