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The last name of a sexy Jewish person. Only the sexiest jews have the last name rubin.
Bobby:"Hey, did you get that girl's name?"
Drake: "Naw man, only her first, but i bet her last is Rubin"
Bobby: "Why?"
Drake: "Cause she was a sex god"
by supsupgangsta March 17, 2011
(noun) Waxy, vanilla smelling hair pomade used by "greasers" or "rockabillies." Based on Dr. Rubin's, a Los Angeles pomade manufacturer. Hair product in greaser parlance.
"Dude my pomp is sticking up in back. Do you have any Rubin's on you?"
by JoeMommma January 15, 2013
(verb) to break something in an idiotic or pointless manner, often linked to alchohol consumption.
OMG you have rubined your deck, n00b!

You got Rubined.
by James Hutton May 24, 2007
That one legendary Jewish bloke who's in with the crowd
Bruv, we have to go with the ledge of Bantesaurus Rex Rubin - cheeky nandos?
by RubinVEREBES May 16, 2015
To have an enormous annoying bowel movement
I need to go take a rubin.
by frf December 29, 2011
A derogatory term for a man with red or orange hair. Derived from the schoolyard rhyme, "Rubin, red pubin!"
All Rubins are aliens.
by Matthew Nicol July 25, 2006
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