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A goatsephile is the internet version of a scatophiliac. A scatophiliac is someone who gets sexual gratification from scaring people on the telephone. A goatsephile is a person who lives vicariously through the photos of a shock exhibitionist to scare people and gain sexual gratification. A shock exhibitionist like Kirk Johnson or "Goatse man". These people current internet chat rooms. They are also known as internet trolls.
Poo: Man check this out! <insert hello.jpg>
Reg: God, you're foul.
by Quizzy July 19, 2005
A sexy male in britain. Great glasses and a spendid personallity. The master of grrrowl.
One example is Paul.
by Quizzy March 02, 2005
1. Rubbles: To consentually rub and nibble on a person.
2. Rubbles: A name to call someone acting like a cave person.
Example of one: *rubbles jojobean450*
Example of two: You rubbles, act civilized.
by Quizzy March 04, 2005

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