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a young male drunk. Enjoys 6 cans, 10 pints, 2 shots of aftershock and a bit of sick on a typical night out. Regular meetings (rubber sessions) can take place between groups of rubberheads. Rubberheads can be found 'out on the rubber' getting 'rubbered' any time outside normal office hours.
no rich you cannot come to the dinner party on friday cos you will just be the rubberhead in the corner getting rubbered and then you will puke on dixons dress.
by Icer April 28, 2004
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The quality of not knowing what you are doing at work or how to do your job properly.
"The last time they sent out a repair person they sent out a couple of rubber heads"
by mattfta September 07, 2006
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A sex act in which an outwardly straight man performs oral sex on another man. The term refers to the use of a condom, which the "straight" man views as preserving his heterosexuality.
Pete only gave Jim rubberhead, so he was confused when Jim wanted to then put it in his ass.
by inthenavy September 08, 2010
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