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1. The result achieved from dividing the number representing the net volume of semen generated from a masterbatory session by the distance over which it was ejaculated.
2. An element defined as being the extent to which a mental or pornographic fantasy, female companion, or Yiddish curmudgeon is capable of qualitatively enhancing a masterbatory session.
1. The rub-off factor cannot yet be calculated, as the measurement data remains yet to be disclosed to the public.
2. But seriously, a fine Jewish octogenarian with his schnoz and yamaka has a far higher rub-off factor than anything Hugh Hefner can provide.
by Woody Allenette July 23, 2009
checking the amount of spray on tan that has rub off on your clothes after a spray tan
girl 1: "what are you checking your shirt for?"
girl 2: "just checking my rub-off factor"
by SuziObscura December 28, 2007
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