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real hurtful burning stabbing like take the blood out of ur body and fill it up with gas and lite it than tell me it is not real
i have rsd and feel like im on fire 24 hours a day i hate rsd
by basejones October 12, 2011
A game server administrator/moderator who is overusing their privlages. Kicking or banning players without a reason or warning.

RSD doesn't have any specific acronym meaning.
Console: '#1 ownage' was kicked from '*CS:Source de_dust2' by 'moj|SolidRock'.
#1 ownage has joined the game.
#1 ownage: Hey what was that for?!!?
moj|SolidRock: For being idle.
Jenkins110: omw
#1 ownage: Are you serious?? I was winning!! I was only away for about 2 minuites.
moj|SolidRock: Well other ppl want to join.
#1 ownage: omfg come on
Jenkins110: You know, admins piss me off.
Dirty Playa: He's such an rsd.
#1 ownage: Yeah
by rsd's hater101 January 13, 2005
R.S.D. stands for Real Street Drags. Real street drags are races that are to appeal to street racers so as to get them off of the streets and have them race in the safe, and legal, confines of a drag racing track (Quarter mile, in most cases). Typically, the rules of "Real Street Drag" racing are much less complicated than those of regulated drag racing. The term "R.S.D." is said to have originated in Union Grove, Wisconsin at Great Lakes Dragaway.
I'm going to play it safe and not race on HW100 tonight. Instead, you can find me at the RSD event at "Da' Grove."
by Daniel Peterson August 05, 2007

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