To insult someone so hilariously, that everyone wants to give you a high five so you go around and give high fives to every dude (female optional) in the room, normally in a circle, except of course the male you have insulted.

Originated from the term, "go around and give everyone a high five", but thats way to long for a real man to say

Cannot be initiated by the person who made the joke.
Guy: I love jesus, dont you?
Guy2: Stop talking to me you flying cunt
Guy3: LMAO, dude rounds!

*Guy2 precedes to give high fives to everyone in the room*
by Notwhouthink October 08, 2009
(Adjective)- To be round and/or festively plump in size.

(Noun)- A fitness/workout centre (sometimes referred to as the "round centre")
Zoe: Oh my God, I should not have had that many cupcakes.
Allison: We're SO round today!
Lauren: We totally need to hit up the round...
by TotalFacheekas April 12, 2011
a verb that to hit with a suckerpunch
i'll round your fuck ass
by K.Padillo April 23, 2008
a word used to call a stranger who may have disrespected you, especially New Orleans talk.
For instance such as waiting for the next game in basketball: Say round!! I got winners not u.
by Rowdy Piper May 10, 2006
A slang word for a girl, hence round ass round titties. Whoever wrote that round was slang for a freind has never been to N.O. and if they have they didn't know what was up.
Whas happnin round, lemme holla atcha.
by lockjaw A1 July 10, 2008

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