Rough can have a variety of meanings
- In London 'rough' has come to mean cool or brilliant
- In Private schools 'rough' has been used by boys to desribe girls looking mingin although girls use it to.
- Rough can be a reaction to an unfair decision
- When someone makes sexually advances when you dont want it can be described as them trying to get rough with you.
- Woah did you just see that car that was rough
- Did you see that girls hair mike, shes proper rough her.
- (Referee calls offside) "That was never offside, thats such a rough decision"
- (comes in crying) huh whats the matter Amy "He tried to get rough with me so I slapped him and ran out"
by Emzzy November 21, 2005
Hungover, Drank 20 beers and the next day is just a mess, Have drunk shits and a mouth that feels like you smoke 100 cigs. Head is pounding
(Throwing up in toilet, the morning after) "Dude im so fucking ROUGH"
by LITTLE12 October 25, 2008
Late '90s slang (notably from Washington, DC).
1 - The act of theivery.
2 - To steal, often with force and fervor.
Did you hear about that white kid who got lost driving through Anacostia? Yeah, he got his car roughed when he stopped to ask for directions.
by jimbob July 22, 2004
A way of describing any person,place, thing, or situation that is extremely negative
That gurls face is real ROUGH!
by J-Will June 05, 2005
a gay word said by 2 even gayer friends.
Jarryd - "roughhhhhh"
Mac - "Man, i love you that much seriously why arent we a couple?"
Jarryd - "cause i am in denile. excuse me while i go throw up after drinking 2 red cruisers."

Mac- "rough"
by rachel3216 February 17, 2008

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