After enjoying a long bout of love- making with your mexican lover, you call the immigration services and have them deported.
gee, i cant beleive you 'rothed' her she won't be able to enter back into the country for weeks!
by sam kaye December 01, 2003
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To lather one's ball sack with peanut butter before placing it in an unsuspecting victim's mouth.
Greg, I'll drink that shot of Wild Turkey, if you can promise me that Tom won't roth me when I'm passed out later.
by Larry Tiita April 13, 2009
A family name passed down through generations
Here is the Roth family tree.
by claire26 October 19, 2011
(v.) To masturbate in the most unlikely of places.
Oliver rothed in History class today!
by Anonymous2414 November 05, 2014
to fuck up.

to take something elite and turn it to shit.
"i rothed up big time by keeping philip rivers as my quarterback in fantasy football."

"i cant believe i rothed that dude last night."
by chaz rosswood December 28, 2011
The most crazy wild off the wall KANSAS STATE FAN in the world. Is often found wearing purple hats and showing her never ending support for purple pride.

Will puke at the mention of KANSAS STATE'S rival the university of kansas... aka... gay u.

Generally is found in the midlands of kansas.
Hey is that a Roths????? Heck yeah it is, God she looks HOT IN PURPLE!!!!
by william smith jones February 06, 2010
(v) The act of finishing the most sloppiest crap of your life to only realize there is no toilet paper fact the closest roll is in a cabinet down in the basement.

(n) The helpless yet infuriating feeling one experiences after a healthy dump, yet the only toilet paper is on the next floor.
(v) The dreary moan of helplessness coming from the bathroom was a clear indication that Jenny had indeed rothed.

(n) With the rate at which his lover Eric uses toilet paper, a roth was bound to happen to was just a question of when.
by Schmakabitch November 03, 2004

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