Roth is the leader of the Battlers. He controls the Lightning Element, and his balanced status doesn't give him any weakness'.
Roth against the whole D.-Army: "Ah, this could take all night..."
by Erik 'Roth' "Larn" Slegh September 11, 2004
to vomit, to blow chunks
Chugging that bottle of JD was NOT a feasible option, as it caused me to roth all over myself.
by Rachelllllllllllll June 09, 2005
A derogatory term for a redhead. Short for "Red On The Head", which is the first half of the phrase "Red on the head, like a dick on a dog."
Check out that ROTH - I bet she smells like sour milk.
by Moe Banks August 07, 2005
During a handjob, if the girl proceeds to stop stroking before one ejaculates, you ask for five more minutes, promising to cum, while being polite and saying please.
David pulled a Roth on Emily the other night. She now thinks that he came twice.
by Raggles Galore December 13, 2003

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