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Bum, usually derogatory.
James takes it up the rosser.
by Roy Gentleman Biv May 10, 2007
a copper, plod, pig, an english term
Do one its the rossers
by Mick kippax April 20, 2006
A shorter ginger child, who like church, reading, and loves pretending to be an actor. Rossers think evrything in the books they read is true and need a life.
That kid is such a rosser it aint even funny!
by avitardo January 07, 2010
A man who likes to smash the "back doors" of teenagers. (During Gym)
Hey John did you take Rosser's Boulder??! :D
by Randomkiddo42 March 27, 2016
Of the highest order, exemplary, better than super.
Also often used to describe unlikely/miraculous solutions to difficult situations.
Wow, it took a hell of a rosser to get out of that one.
Rosserman > Superman
by Mike Hunt Licker May 06, 2008
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