Roshan is actually the synonym of Light. Mostly its first name of Guys but can also be given to Girls. The Guys are normally decent, well dressed, smiling friendly and sexy.
He is looking good because he is Roshan.
by triku October 26, 2010
Top Definition
a term used to characterize a guy who is well dressed and smells nice
Alex is really roshan today.
by sam March 11, 2005
Roshan is a very sexy and fine looking boy, he has a dreamy smile and wonderful hair. He is a very popular boy and has a lot of friends.
Look at that boy!! So perfect!!

Yeah, he must be a Roshan!
by Amrit Gill November 03, 2012
Roshan's are whatever you want them to be
such examples include muscular, nice, handsome, athletic
girl 1: look at that guy muscular guy working out
girl 2: Thats definitely a roshan
by BlackMoonlight1 February 07, 2010
Roshan is the term for disowning your family members.
Yo dude, you roshan'd your sister? what for?
by ZZZA April 16, 2010
The biggest neutral creep in a popular computer game called DoTa. Dota is a map of Warcraft 3 Frozen Frone, Roshan is a huge rock figure in the game and generally requires a few team mates to kill. When he dies he releases an item called Aegis of the Immortal which allows a player to come back to life as soon as they die. After you kill roshan he will respawn after 10 minutes. After you kill him three times he releases an item called Cheese which, instantly gives you a health and a mana boost.
"Lets Rosh" - Means the team will go kill Roshan

"Im gna kill Roshan" - Self explanatory

"They might be at Rosh" - The opposite team assuming their enemy is at Roshan's location
by Mushy Mountaineering ™ April 28, 2011
the biggest cunt in the world
you are such a roshan its not even funny...
wow look at roshan over there. what a cunt

you can not use it this way

i fucked a nice tight roshan--WRONG
by lookroshan February 27, 2010
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