When two people are disputing or having argument over an object or item. It is a game/challenge which two people take turns to kick each other in the nuts. The winner is the person who is left standing and he/she wins the argument or dispute.
Hey i saw it first..

NO you didn't..

Yes i did..

Well lets roshambo for it you inuiet!!
by TeazOne December 15, 2010
It's when 2 guys are arguing over something, and they "roshambo" for it. It goes like this, the 1st person kicks the other person in the nuts as hard as they can, and the other person kicks the 1st person in the nuts as hard as they can. Whoever goes down first loses and the other person gets the object/thing/person they were roshamboing for. *This CANNOT work with girls, it would be meaningless*
"Hey, I want the pizza!"
"I saw it first!"
"This calls for...ROSHAMBO!!!"

"Dude, i'm taking Sarah to prom."
"No, i'm taking her!"
"I am!"
"I AM!!!11"
"Why don't you retards roshambo to see who takes me?"
"Good idea."
by David717 April 29, 2008
A contest played for supreme test of wills in which two men must receive repeated kicks in their nuts.
The contest must be called out before hand whether it is Standard Ro Sham Bo or Professional Ro Sham Bo.
"We were filming a Ro Sham Bo contest yesterday between Jimmy and Blake. I thought for certain Jimmy would win seeing as how he can squat 365 lbs.! Obviously Blake knew too for he called out for Professional Ro Sham Bo. I was nominated kicker!
I kicked Jimmy and Blake 33 times each, I couldn't believe it! I'd say their grandkids will be coming out cross eyed! In the end, Jimmy went down like a sack of bricks.
by Jayne13 November 18, 2007
This is a game which consists of two people kicking each other in the balls over an object, last one standing wins.
Ross Murray, i'll Roshambo you for Saints Row.
by j.dizzle January 25, 2007
when people fight by kicking each other in the nuts. it ends when somebody falls to the ground.
ill roshambo you for 5 bucks if i win you pay me if you win i pay you
by neon deion November 14, 2006

Those without an social interaction other then a TV believe it is the process of kicking someone in the nuts, due to some episodes of South Park, in which Cartman tricks people into getting kicked in the nuts. The people who believe this act embodies the phrase are not only sadly mistaken, but are naive and childish to have believed a cartoon above life experience.
When walking out to a car before a going somewhere, one might shout: "Shot gun! No rank, no ro, no nothing." Thus designating that neither seniority, nor 'ro sham bo', nor anything else can squander their claim to the front passenger seat.
by menza president February 25, 2004
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