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1.) An act of violence. To stomp on someones crotch and to depress downward as if flooring a gas pedal. Think of stamping out a cigarette by twisting and pressing the foot upon the butt.
2.) Old tactic used by Russian police against rapists/womanizers. The gas pedal is released when the watching victim agrees that the torture has been enough.
3.) Form of tactic employed in Ro Sham Bo
Last night we bet on a Ro Sham Bo match. My player made it to the 5th kick and signaled for the Russian Gas Pedal.
He gave it but unfortunately could not take it. When it was his turn he slapped the mat in defeat. I lost $10!
by Lex97 January 20, 2009
The Rules of Standard RoShamBo:

First rule of RoShamBo is no body talks about RoShamBo.
Second rule of RoShamBo is No Women Allowed...unless they are spectators.
Third rule of RoShamBo is "no sagging" and speedos only.
Fourth rule of RoShamBo is No Shoes Fifth rule of RoShamBo is No girlie (Hook) kicks.
Fifth rule of RoShamBo is each competitor must take at least five kicks or else will be barred from future Tournaments.
Sixth rule of RoShamBo is no one can call "Gas Pedal" until the after the 5th kick. If the receiver does not give then the Dominant must receive. Russian gas pedal lasts 60 seconds.
Final rule of RoShamBo is he who is the last man standing is the victor.

If Professional RoShamBo AKA "Third Party RoShamBo" is called out then one or more kickers must be nominated to perform kicking. Same rules above apply with the exception of the SECOND RULE. In Professional RSB AKA 3rd Party RSB WOMEN ARE ALLOWED TO KICK.
Before each tournament commenced Sarah read the the Rules of RoShamBo over the microphone as the crowd cheered in anticipation.
by Lex97 January 19, 2009
The traditional yet out dated form of unregulated Ro Sham Bo, also known as Standard Ro Sham Bo. It is a contest in which two guys kick each other in the nuts until there is only one left standing.
Standard RSB has been replaced by "Professional RSB"
Did you hear about John and Steve? They both liked this chic at a party and the chic found out. She laughed and told them both to RoShamBo for a hand job from her as the spoils.
They agreed, everyone in the house had to throw down a couple of bucks to watch, which went to the chic as she was using herself as the prize.
They played Standard RoShamBo because the chic demanded that standard be the game they play and neither one of them protested.
In the end Steve went down. But he did very well from having been kicked 42 times in the sack!
Afterwards, the chic took John in the room and wanked him! I don't know if the hand job was worth it!
by Lex97 January 19, 2009

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