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The Fetish for young females or someone with the fetish for young females.
He is a rorikon!
by rorikon June 08, 2004
Rorikon means pedophile (Which is also known as "lolicon".).

The word "Rorikon" isn't English, it's Japanese, this is how it looks written in Japanese : ロリコン (You won't be able to see it, unless you have installed the Asian language pack)

If you don't know what a pedophile is : "Pedophile persons can feel an attraction to children of a different sex, to children of the same sex, or both."

Just a friendly tip, stay away from child porn.
Person A : I don't know what's wrong with him, but I keep on seeing him flirting with young girls.

Person B : Maybe because he is a rorikon?

Person A : ...A what?
by Hakital March 19, 2010
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