The act of taking a horrific shit where the feces bubbles up like a root beer float; frothy and juicy.
"Dude, I ate so much Taco Bell I had to run home and have a root beer float!"
by adamdawg81 May 19, 2010
Where one splooges into someone's mouth and then proceeds to drop a sloppy deuce into their mouth. If the density of the poop is greater than the splooge, then the splooge will float to the top creating the illusion of a root beer float.
Person 1: "Man I'm hungry for a Root Beer Float!"
Person 2: *fap*fap*fap* "Say ahhhh..."
by Roberto Windows May 16, 2007
While receiveing the ever so popular "Rim Job", a man blows a wet "Shart" (The act of farting shit) into a females face, then quickly rolling over and "Polishing one off" (The act of quickly forceing ones self to ejactulate) into the females face, thus creating the brown, acting as the rootbeer, and white, acting as the ice cream.
Sara, "That sure was a great Root Beer float Thomas, but boy was it messy!"
by Brandon Grimme November 20, 2007
When a male lies in a bathtub, filled with water, or sometimes soda, and a female sitts on his face, farting, causing the water directly over his face to bubble. Following this, the male turns the female over and jizzes onto her face, giving her a creamy topping.
"Get me six cases of publix soda and meet me in the bathrooms with no cloths on...tonight im giving you a root beer float"
by Rhomby October 11, 2006
When one is ass railing a person the cums in the persons ass, pulls out and the reciever farts causing jizim to come out and float to the surface of the asshole.
I was ass fucking this whore bag and i nutted in her butt and she had a root beer float.
by Jimbo the clown September 16, 2005
To pull out right before you are about to cum as you are fucking someone's ass, then sticking your dick in their mouth and cumming. the person gets a root beer float if they had a dirty asshole.
This guy I picked up last night had a dirty asshole, so I gave him a rootbeer float.
by CapnCrouton May 13, 2004
When a girl gives a guy a blow job, he cums in her mouth, and she spits it into a bottle or jar. The bottle is kept, and the process is repeated until it is full. Then, the girl drinks the entire bottle of old cum.
"Everytime she gives me head, I make my girlfriend spit it out in an old pickle jar that I keep under my bed... its almost full, so soon she'll be having a root beer float!"
by spurk February 25, 2007

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