A soda that despite it's clever name actually contains no beer.
Jane drank all the rootbeer...greedy bitch.
by BETTY CROCKER June 25, 2006
A&W? Barq's? Mug? Pansies. Best root beer in the world is Thomas Kemper. Drink up, son!
Henry Weinhard's is 2nd, IBC is 3rd
by Scott Lanway September 08, 2004
Just another word for attention whore. Attention whore=aw=A&W=Root beer. Great for calling someone an attention whore without them knowing.
Mike: Hey, Root beer.
Cassidy: What?
Mike: I said hey, Root beer.
Cassidy: Root beer? What does that mean?
Mike: Don't worry about it.
by Cmsagmb January 07, 2010
possibly the greatest thing ever to grace the planet.
man, i just drank an entire case of root beer!
by eneal July 23, 2008
Slang term in which you turn "Root Beer" into an acronym "RB". This then stands for "random boner". It refers to when your sitting and out of nowhere, with no stimulus, you get wood.
Dude I couldn't turn in my test because my root beer was fizzy.
by Asatru playah February 19, 2010
Beer made from the ginger root (why it's also called ginger beer) and invented during Prohibition (why its called beer)

BTW, A&W is the only good root beer out there
"Pass me some of that beer"
"Dude, beer is illegal. It's Prohibition"
"It's root beer, you tard. Just give it to me and let me pretend"
by AJ from Shorecrest December 06, 2007
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