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1. Much like the shocker this sexual act includes the insertion of the index and middle fingers into a woman's vagina. However, as opposed to the shocker, instead of inserting the pinky finger into the anus, the person inserts their ring finger into the woman's anus.
2. The act of a woman's sexual partner inserting his/her index and middle fingers into the woman's vagina with the ring finger being inserted into the woman's anus. Upon removal of the ring finger from the woman's anus, the woman then defecates all over the sheets and/or her partner's ring finger.
3. The act of a woman defecating all over the sheets and/or her partner's ring finger after the removal of her partners ring finger from her anus.
Andy roosterized the Puerto Rican chick he was dating and upon removing his ring finger, she subsequently roosterized all over his finger and the sheets.
by SBDO November 07, 2007

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