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A rooski is small and brown haired. Originating from the island of the long, the rooski has been known to have wild and energetic charecteristics. At any moment, the rooski may burst in to emotional fits of happness, sadness, excitedness (the nesses could continue for hours but you get the point). The rooski now resides in the home of the slam (no definition needed). The rooski feeds on bread, marinara sauce, and occationally salads. If the rooski is fed anything other that bread sticks, the rooski will try it, but it will most likely be turnrd down after a couple of bites. The rooksi often lets out a squeal that can he heard across entire hallways. The squeal, while not deadly, tries to dipict the rooski's emotion, but usually just confuses observers. Ignoring the emotional defaults, the rooksi is smart, freindly and perfect. Last but not least, the rooski loves the dali da, becuase the dali da is awesome and every one loves the dali da. end.
" rooski's are amazing"
by Dali Da September 30, 2006
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