1. nickname given to people acting silly, dorky, or roon-ish. 2. what you call a nerdy friend. 3. common nick name for a stray dog. 3. can be used as a noun or adjective and an adverb. 4. Unique's name for an animal turned into a sentimental nickname for her friends. 5. nick name for someone you are close to.
you can say "oh Roon" for a sentiment. Roonie roon! Expresses that one is excited about something.
by Paris-roonie September 25, 2007
Top Definition
A woman whose comments often verge on nerdiness. Often no one else knows what she is talking about, but really she is the smartest person in the group.
Cameron: So speaking of sniper rifles...
Elizabeth: Oh Cameron, stop being a roon, we weren't talking about sniper rifles.
by Pam and Elizabeth July 16, 2006
An acronym or abbreviation for "Random Outburst of Noise"

Occurs when a person isn't sure how to express themself resulting in a ROON (Random Outburst of Noise).

Can be the result of many emotional states but is typically associated with impulse reactions and enhanced excitement.

NOT an explitive or profanity
Thinking about the dress she might wear tonight, she ROONed to herself as she sat at her desk.

Frustrated with his project, he gave out a ROON as began working again.
by mrcraigs February 06, 2012
A random coon
Black man Hay

White Man U roon
by DirtyNoodles May 11, 2016
roons is a term for a guy who takes advantage of drunk girls while he is completely sober. a roons is extremely horny, and only cares about getting into girls pants......roons love anal.
hey ladies watch out jake has had 4 beers! he's at 4 beers! he's a total roons!
by Ann the man July 06, 2005
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