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baaaaddd smell, like reek, eewwww
"dats ronks", "uurrgh can u smell dat ronk"
by tommy tippa February 25, 2005
a female who is a hot mess and says stupid shit.
Person1- hey girl um yeah your a bitch to me. so i don't wanna talk to you anymore.
Person2- Bitch you ain't nutin but a hoe downed ronk
by jayuseemee January 23, 2009
a smokeable highly addictive form of robotussin. AKA ronk-robotussin
"Shit man, pass that ronk over here"
by ronk myers July 09, 2006
A word with no meaning at all that when used in everyday conversation will make those around you think you're talking about sex.
John: Hey who wants to get RONKED??
Everyone around: WTF????!?!?
by Ronker November 15, 2004
Something that both rocks and sucks.
Man, that new Grim Reaper album really ronks.
by Dunk Henderson III March 13, 2014
smells really bad. stinks. a terrible odor.
Hold your nose when you go in the boy's toilet, it ronks in there.
by alarnia January 21, 2009
Another term for masturbation. Comes from Norway. It can also be as a term for vandalism.
1.I need to go home and have a good ronk.
2.I caught that mofo ronking in my soup!
3.On Friday, we're going to get drunk and ronk on the library!
by Postmaster Ritzi and Jercus September 17, 2006
To be on Robitussin and drunk at the same time. To be under the influence of the chemical DXM and to be under the influence of alcohol at the same time. Comes from the beginning letters Ro of Robitussin and the end letters nk from drunk, put together.
Guy1: "dude i was so ronk last night!"
Guy2: "wtf, who just gets ronk bro?"

Guy1: "dude, i got so ronked last night"
by Donethestuffitellabout March 29, 2009