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A derivative of Tonk. (To mean, bulky, built, or a person with large muscles or frame). Ronk, takes it a step further. If you're ronk you are not only looking tonk but feeling it and attempting to adjust your shoulders and stick out your chest in such a way as to show the world you're 'RONKED OUT'!!
Am I looking Ronk?!!

I'm feeling kinda 'Ronk'ed out
by Glen Mian September 20, 2007
22 28
a baaaaddddd smell! similar to reek, not pleasent!
"uuurrghh it ronks in 'ere"
"what a ronk!"
by tommy tippa February 25, 2005
16 26
baaaaddd smell, like reek, eewwww
"dats ronks", "uurrgh can u smell dat ronk"
by tommy tippa February 25, 2005
10 27
A term to describe something (usually a female) who is not just ugly, but has other bad traits as well (eg: bad personality)
Dude, that girl is ronk. Ronk like kebab.
by Patrick 'The Haberdasher' Mescall February 17, 2003
4 23
A word to describe a very large poop. In others words a bigass Dump.
Man, I really gotta take a ronk!
by Big Jay April 12, 2005
7 27