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To be on Robitussin and drunk at the same time. To be under the influence of the chemical DXM and to be under the influence of alcohol at the same time. Comes from the beginning letters Ro of Robitussin and the end letters nk from drunk, put together.
Guy1: "dude i was so ronk last night!"
Guy2: "wtf, who just gets ronk bro?"

Guy1: "dude, i got so ronked last night"
by Donethestuffitellabout March 29, 2009
A derivative of Tonk. (To mean, bulky, built, or a person with large muscles or frame). Ronk, takes it a step further. If you're ronk you are not only looking tonk but feeling it and attempting to adjust your shoulders and stick out your chest in such a way as to show the world you're 'RONKED OUT'!!
Am I looking Ronk?!!

I'm feeling kinda 'Ronk'ed out
by Glen Mian September 20, 2007
a baaaaddddd smell! similar to reek, not pleasent!
"uuurrghh it ronks in 'ere"
"what a ronk!"
by tommy tippa February 25, 2005
baaaaddd smell, like reek, eewwww
"dats ronks", "uurrgh can u smell dat ronk"
by tommy tippa February 25, 2005
A term to describe something (usually a female) who is not just ugly, but has other bad traits as well (eg: bad personality)
Dude, that girl is ronk. Ronk like kebab.
by Patrick 'The Haberdasher' Mescall February 17, 2003
A word to describe a very large poop. In others words a bigass Dump.
Man, I really gotta take a ronk!
by Big Jay April 12, 2005