When a female has larger than expected and/or somewhat odd looking nipples/areolas, almost a guarantee on racked up chicks.
Hey Ed, did you hookup with Lisa last night?

Of course, I’d never miss a chance to munch on those Roni's.

by Beatdown Ed May 12, 2008
Top Definition
"...a sweet ol' girl/ bout the sweetest lil girl in the whole wide world/ makes the toughest homeboys fall deep in love/ once u have a roni you will never give up/ special kind of girl that makes her daddy feel proud/ the kind of girl that stands out in the crowds..." ~ Bobby Brown
" After all this time, I finally found myself a 'roni'. "
by Mr.Smooth March 09, 2006
in the song "Roni" it's the special kind of girl a guy wants to be with
"tender roni" a la Babyface, Bobby Brown and Usher
by lil k November 12, 2004
Referred to in Vanilla Ice's beatbox song, "Havin' a Roni," is a virgin, according to Ice himself.  However, the term is used often in hip hop, and is short for "tenderoni," which is defined as a "sweet girl."

Then again, Vanilla Ice can make up some dumb shit.
I knew the way she was swallowing the swan, she wasn't any roni.

That roni's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
by SmugSockMonkey January 09, 2005
Shout of Joy (Hebrew)
Check out Isaiah 12:3
by Roni Rebecca September 22, 2003
The nickname/Name Roni is basically a smooth cool guy who can adapt to any environment & is really down to earth & is very sociable & persuasive and is highly respected by others.
by iRoni December 11, 2013
A powerful warrior of the ancient days. described by all his followers as having a manly and muscular stature. it was said that he ruled with such autocracy that all who stood in his way were smite to the ground. usually someone with this name portrays all these qualities and excels in all of them especially the fact that they are powerful and dangerous.
'' roni is so powerful and muscular''
by mysetrious95 November 25, 2012

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