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An incorectly spelt wodr
Yuo are so very rong
by TeeJay January 19, 2005
A misspelled form of the word "wrong"
I told you that's wrong! R-O-N-G, rong!
by Anavel Gato December 24, 2010
Red or nearly Ginger
Guy: Eurgh...
Girl: What?
Guy: You're RONG.
by tershmus March 06, 2011
1) (used to describe females) ugly
2) (used to describe anything) weird, uncool, unappealing in general

3) an ugly girl
1) Guy: "Sarah Jessica Parker is soooo rong, dude; her face looks like a foot."
2) Guy: "Dude, you should put some rims on that car, it looks so rong right now."
3) Guy: "Why would you hit on that fat girl? She is such a rong!"
by lax on, lax off January 23, 2011
a good compliment about someone doing something
dude! that double backflip was rong!
by ginger californiaroll awesome August 15, 2008