4 of the 4 types of animals a lady wants:
1. TIGER in the bed...hehe
2. MINK in her closet
3. JAGUAR in her drive way
4. JACKASS to pay for it all
1. sexi beast
2. uhh
3. a couple or motr
4. most def ..he fits
by unknown July 31, 2004
Top Definition
A guy with amazing looks who can make any girl fall for her but is a true lover
Look at him , trying to be such a Ronak
by Retriev November 23, 2011
a person who is either constantly stoned, or drunk and always calling a person early in the morning eehm (riggi)
ronak its 5:30 stop calling me
by Jack Summer January 28, 2005
The most ugliest person on earth. People throw up when they see his unibrow face.
Ew it's a Ronak.
by the magmatic cx unicorn November 06, 2013
a person, using pretaining to the indian ethnicity, that calls one or more people 5 or more times a day due to the lack of money for texting.

These people tend to be ignored most of the time and are maybe answered once every 50 calls. When answered, they do nothing but blab about their lives and stuff you seriously don't care about for an hour. Then 10 seconds later, will email you on facebook, myspace, aim, etc. This people also tend to think of a new nickname for you everytime they call, usually not creative
Rishab: "Dude Devin Harris got a 3 pointer in the last 2 seconds of the nets game for his 6th last minute win this season"
Kenny: "I don't even know who the hell that is! Stop being a Ronak"

Kathy: "Hey so this guy Clayton is starting to become my friend"
Mike: "That guy is a huge Ronak I wouldnt become friends with him"
Kathy: "Oh thanks, youre a life saver."

Dad: "Is that Ronak kid calling you?"
Son: "Yeah, 4th time today, and it's not even 3!:
Dad: "Ignore the fucking kid"
Son: "I already did"
by Chuck Norris Jokes December 28, 2009
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