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simple nickname for McDonald's, quick & easy
"Dude, i am hungry for some nuggets, lets hit up Ron Don's."
by Njam92 December 17, 2008

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Cool, fun, special, also means to get messed up (high, drunk, etc...)
That hat is so "rondon"!

Let's get "rondoned" tonight!
by Cara December 22, 2004
a "ron don" can be explained a douchebag, and the most ignorant retard of any sort. he/she would be devestated if they were named a "ron don". they can also be explained as a complete redard monster that would most likely be hand and hand with a dyke retard that is planning or has planned a way to kill and rape twins
that "ron don" is sure out to get them, and i think the "ron don" will rape and kill them>
by TheRetardMaster December 08, 2011