Romeo and Juliet is not a romance novel. It's a story about two teenagers who are in a relationship for three days, and cause the death of six people.

Sincerely, the readers of Romeo and Juliet.
Teacher: Alrights kids we're gonna read the romance novel called Romeo and Juliet. It's a classic and huge tragedy
Kid 1: No it's not it's a crap story
Kid 2: Yeah there isn't even a smut scene
by pikachocolate June 06, 2014
a. A play written by William Shakespeare about a 3-day forbidden relationship between a 13-year-old and a 17-year-old. They commit suicide together because they're--actually, who the heck knows.

b. The total awesomest anime rendition of William Shakespeare's play when they star-crossed couple dies for an actually good reason.

c. A relationship ending in tragedy.
a. Uggh. We're reading Romeo and Juliet in English. What a snore.
b. Oh my guli! I just watched Romeo x Juliet!!!!! Its the first anime movie I've watched and actually cried!!!
c. Dude did you hear about Angela and Dean? They totally pulled a Romeo and Juliet.
by thalionwen May 07, 2012
When you have a fetish, or are attracted to 12-year-old girls.
Romeo and Juliet had sex, even though she was only 12-years-old at the time.
by Mother Fucker Extrodinaire July 12, 2008
A book by William Shakespeare.

Pretty pointless. They tell you the end in the prologue!!
MERCUTIO: I will bite thee by the ear for that jest!

(Ow, ear bite)
by Allie Balalie March 01, 2005
a book about a horny guy and a slutty grl they find each other at a dance and the guy likes for tits for a 14 year old so he sneaks in her room and they fuk then at the end they die its a dumb book dont read
me: mannnn wats up im readin romeo and juliet
friend: awww fuck no i h8 tat book they fuk to much
by steven rago May 03, 2007

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