the action verb to not read
reading is evil, don't touch books
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
an adjective used to describe one who is untrustworthy, conceited, and foreign.
Jenny: "Did you see that roman kid today?"
Joe: "Yeah, no wonder he's so full of himself."
by annnnnonymousssssssssss June 26, 2009
This is one of the most intricate and artistic sexual positions. It involves the male partner defecating on the back of the female accomplice in such a way as to create a makeshift well. This well can also be dug by your own hands. Then the male urinates profusely into this hole so as to create a mixture of fecal matter that is viscous in nature. This allows for the rigorous gyration of the male's penis in this hole and the male must continue doing this until he ejaculates. All this must be accomplished while playing Dawn of War: Dark Crusade on the Icelands map while playing the race of Necrons and being completely cheap with them.
Did you hear about how Jenna got romaned last night by Kevin?
by redace25 April 01, 2008
loser, punk, chump, or noob
that guy from fresno california 559 is a roman
by muks October 24, 2008
The act of contradicting one's self by being a n00b, yet calling other's a n00b.
Roman is a roman.
by BUCKCHEEKS January 19, 2004
The king of all n00bs who has to bow before Lord Amos to gain acceptance.
a roman < an amos
by Amos January 23, 2004
One of the many,many tyrannical pagan empires that wreaked havoc on humanity throughout history

the Romans...

worshiped Satan
had orgies
were pagans
practiced witchcraft
owned slaves
had blood sports
were child molesters
crucified Christ

No really......THE END!
by meatwad-X February 22, 2005

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