A beer that tastes like horse piss. This awful liquid is no longer made in western Pennsylvania. The company was bought out by Anheiser Busch and is now made in St. Louis.
St. Louis is now the horse piss capital of the world because it has Budweiser and Rolling Rock.
by gamecockbo February 07, 2007
Top Definition
The most delectable beer you'll find in a convenience store. It comes in a soothing green glass bottle and is one of the only beers in existence that actually tastes *better* in conjuction with cigarette smoking.
Rolling Rock is truly the cat's meow. I want to pay to have Old Latrobe relocated to my backyard.
by Jonathan H. August 31, 2005
Best beer on the market, Attractive green bottle.
Marked with a "33"
Rolling Rock is NoRemorse's favorite beverage.
by NoRe August 31, 2005
The nicest beer out there.It has a cult following in Ireland now.Everyone drinks it.The reasons are as follows:

1.It tastes savage
2.Its €18 for 20 bottles
3.It sounds like Rock n Roll
4.It sounds like 'smelly cock'
5.It comes in a cool green bottle
6.Its €18 for 20 bottles
7.A bottle of Rolling Rock cures AIDS
8.There is a horse on the cover of the bottle
9.It smashs real good
10.Its €18 for 20 bottles
Me: what you drinking tonight paddy?
Paddy: Er.. bud
Everybody: haha faggot, Rolling Rock is where its at.
by virginlungs May 07, 2006
From the glass lined tanks of OLD LATROBE....that's how it all starts and just like the place where it's made it's a love it leave it kind of thing! Rolling Rock
Even if you don't like the taste of it, you can't live here and not like Rolling Rock.
by latrobegrl19 March 08, 2005
sweet ass beer - usually if you drink it in Wales people don't know what it is...
Loser: "what the fuck's that?"

Drinker: "Rolling Rock"

Loser: "HA! I'll have another Stella"
by Steffanio December 31, 2004
My second favorite beer next to Pabst Blue Ribbion (Dont make fun of my taste in beer, at least I dont drink coors). Its a smoooth tasting extra Pale lager that even people who hate beer (girls) can enjoy. It was probably made famous by the movie "the Deer Hunter," Cause its the only beer Robert De Niro drank in that film.
"lets drink a butt load of Rolling Rock and go running threw the streets naked!"
by Our Man Flint August 31, 2005
A very thin bitter light beer brewed in Latrobe near Pittsburgh, PA. I think its drank out there the most, but it is drank around Philly too. One of a kind love or hate kinda beer.
"Who wants a rock?"

"Cool we have crack tonight?"

"No you nigger, rolling rock not crack!"

"I'll pass. Bring on the natty!"
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 05, 2004
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