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Northern Ireland leading all-time goalscorer
Away in a manger
no crib for a bed
the litlle lord Jesus
lay down his sweet head
the stars in the bright sky
lokked down where
by Ritchie88 September 14, 2005
see aaron ritchie. He is a mauler
"that ritchies a mauler"
by Ritchie88 January 31, 2005
Anime sucks ass. The only people who like it are a bunch of self-harmers and pathetic losers whos only friends are japanese cartoon characters.
Get a fucking life you sad bastards
by Ritchie88 February 11, 2005
This shit is just water, in a green bottle. Tastes like water, looks like water. IT IS JUST WATER!!!
I'll buy rollin rock cos its on offer 20 bottles for a tenner
by Ritchie88 January 24, 2005

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