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3 definitions by Steffanio

sweet ass beer - usually if you drink it in Wales people don't know what it is...
Loser: "what the fuck's that?"

Drinker: "Rolling Rock"

Loser: "HA! I'll have another Stella"
by Steffanio December 31, 2004
48 24
1) Microwaveable chips of the chav variety... cheap - hard - effective

2) A very Greasy Boy

Comes from the term "Microwaveable Chips"
Mam: "Corrina yer micro chips are ready"

Corrina: "In a min Mam!"

"That kid's a micro chip"
by Steffanio January 05, 2005
9 2
The term used to describe gravy served in The Trearddur Bay Hotel.
"Damn dude this shit tastes like 7-UP!?"
by Steffanio January 06, 2005
10 55