v. (1) The act of rotating one's central bodily axis 360 degrees or more while the whole body is making contact with a surface for the duration of the process. One "roll" is equivalent to a rotation of 360 degrees.

v. (2) The act or process of creating a cigarette out of some sort of plant material. The term comes from the plant material's appearance of becoming tightly packed together as the cigarette is being created.

v. slang (3) A term for hearty laughter. The term mainly elicits use in response to situations with exceptional comedic value.
(1) I got a dog turd on my pants while I was rolling down the hill during recess yesterday.

(2) I was rolling a marijuana cigarette while driving yesterday, but I had to interrupt the process until I got home because there were police cars on every corner.

(3) Man, I was rolling yesterday when Katie fell down those stairs!
#rolling #laughing #cracking up #making a j #licking a doob
To be on a tablet of Methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine, most commonly known as Ecstasy, and feeling the full effects of said pill.

Also can be used in the term to roll, which means a tablet of ecstasy.
Man, that was an freaking great roll.

I'm soooo rolling.

#ecstasy #mdma #thizzle #roll #methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine
by SpiffyNiftyTaffyTiffy November 13, 2006
A song released by Soul Coughing in 1998 describing how it feels to be high on ecstasy.
"I'm rolling, I'm rolling, I'm rolling, uh."
#ecstasy #mdma #soul #coughing #doughty
by beau99 May 05, 2009
Laughing one's ass off
Guy 1: Man that comedy club is great! Last time I was there I was laughing my ass off!
Guy 2: Yeah man, I was rolling!
#laughing #rofl #roflmao #lol #lmao
by According to me November 07, 2013
When someone is high from the drug MDMA (Street name is Ecstacy )
Last night when i was at this rave Jaimze was rolling hardcore
#rave #candi #drugs #drug #ecstacy #mdma #roll
by shrimpjuice July 09, 2011
Rolling or rollin is the trip you get when your on ecstasy (E, or X). Usually said when you are at a rave.
Tigger: Are you guys rolling tonight?
Puff: Hell yeah, I just got the bombest Lightshow
Tigger: Rub my back baby i love you.
(This is something to strangers who are rolling would say)
#rave #lightshows #trippin #ecstasy #and dancing.
by kaka moo February 24, 2010
A slang term for sparring with someone used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.
I was rolling with that black belt and he caught me in a triangle choke.

The new guy is really aggressive when rolling.
#roll #rolling #mixed martial arts #mma #brazilian jiu-jitsu #bjj
by TheJutsu November 28, 2009
When you take some x and you feel a good body buzz and it feels like your on a wave you like to dance alot and be with a person of the opposite sex
"yo nigga you rolling yet?"
Ya son i am rolling balls
#rolling #extacsy #balls #x #rollin
by blue aliens November 10, 2008
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