A fart that rolls over a turd on its way out of the b hole. Literally exits the body smelling like poo.
Angie really cleared the room with that rollover!
by ruffles mc ridges December 03, 2009
Guys talk for a girl with a pretty body but ugly face. They want to do her, but only from behind (hence the word 'roll over')
Dude, she's a roll over.
by gorgeous girly girl December 20, 2008
When you've been out partying all night and you carry on till the next day.
I was out clubbing last night and have not been to bed and now I’m down the pub for opening. I'm on a Rollover.
by Detoxboy November 24, 2006
rollin' on the same pill or pills (extasy) taken last night at the rave/club/wherever.
Dude i woke up this moring with a rollover from those blue diamonds we took last night
by D@BoY November 29, 2009

Derived from the term; "hang-over", used as a title for the next-day effects of alcohol, "roll" substituted for "hang" produces the title for the next-day affects of the drug extasy.
I went to work today with a roll-over and fell asleep at my desk.
by G.O.M. November 25, 2006
how you feel the next day after rolling on x.. usually depressed sometimes weak or nauseous.
That x was awesome last night, but I have the worst roll over today.
by too many roll overs January 20, 2007
Repeatedly perform a profoundly unfathomable assinine act while expecting the same results.

Regularly motivated by overwhelming ignorance or hopeless boredom.

Similar to the moribund act of donkeys crossing the desert during the day.
While playing XBOX I heard them say, "Roll over".

"Why?", I asked.

"Because we are utterly bored with our fruitless impotent personal lives that we need to play this game 20 hours a day...when we roll over it provides a new challenge. Roll over and follow us," they said.

"Do I win any money?" I asked.


"Will I unlock hidden weapons, like a flame thrower?"


"Well if I roll over what do I get?"

They said, "You get to lose all of your weapons. You can roll over from level 55, start over at level 1, then you can play for 80 hours to get to level 55 again. Oh, and you get a prettier badge. Roll over and join us."

"What!? That makes no sense," I said.

"Come on. Roll over. Oh, we almost forgot...once you roll over and spend 80 hours getting to level 55, you can roll over again another NINE times. It's so titilating! Look, Erkle is already on his 10th roll over. We all aspire to be like him. Follow us and roll over."

"Look guys. You pay Erkle a great compliment by copying him, but rolling over courts the insane. I'll pass."
by Raging Ronin January 10, 2008

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