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DRMRRMV stands for "Don't rate my religion, rate my video."

It can be used on youtube when talking about theology.
Viewer: I am not a <religion>, so I'm going to rate this video 1/5, regardless of what points you raised in this video.

Video creator: DRMRRMV.
by Catman72 June 17, 2008
One to believes in the theory of evolution, and is a skank.
The type of girl that goes around saying "Like, like yeah! Soooooo populaaaaar."
That lady over there is an evowhore, look at her skanky outfit.
by Catman72 June 16, 2007
A cat in heat that rolls over and demands you make her pregnant.
Nikita (the cat) rolled over quickly and started meowing, she had performed a Roll Over.
by Catman72 June 16, 2007

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