When a person gives shout outs to different people, crew and hood.
by D-Roc March 11, 2003
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this is what happens at the first start of the school day. the teacher will get a piece of paper (or just use their memory if they are a smart teacher) that has the names of the kids in the class on it. she (or he) will read out the names on the list to see who is present, and who is absent.

often the class clown will make a silly answer to make the class laugh at the pure hilarity.
"Ok, let's just get the roll call out of the way and we can get stuck into our work!"
*collective groan*
"Is Leah here?"
"Present, miss."
"Is Dean here?"
*collective lol*
"Oh, you kids, you really crack me up, I swear, this is why I got into teaching."
*collective lack of interest*
by fine_dine_decca August 02, 2009
any meal or time of snacking during the day. calls all fat rolls to be sure they're present.
Caitlin loves roll call and she isn't scared to admit.

My favorite roll call of the day is breakfast.
by hoober July 11, 2009
The automatic phone call your cell phone makes sometimes when you sit down wearing it on your belt because of the rolls of fat around your middle.
I answered my phone the other day but no one was there. It could have been a roll call from Steve. I'm first on his contact list.
by Pam Richardson April 08, 2008
description of a type of cheater who keeps coming back, night after night.

used when someone is frequently cheating.
jack's got her on roll call.
jane's got stacey's man on roll call.
by teacher January 13, 2006
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