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Uptempo beat that resets every 8 or 16 bars
Smoke held that Socket for like 20 mins. straight.
by D-Roc March 11, 2003
<n.> This demeaning phrase was originated in New Jersey's Monmouth county. The 6-letter word originally stands for

Bennies At Monmouth, Shy Around Girls

Yet this phrase has evolved from just being used with bennies and people shy around girls, now it is known to be affiliated with pansies and pus*ies alike. This can easily be replace with any word to poke fun at one another.
A: Dude you go first.
B: Nah, You dude.
A: Shut the hell up, don't be such a bamsag.

A: Man, just go talk to her, she's looking at you.
B: I don't know bro.
A: You bamsag, just go over there!
#pussy #pansie #loser #benny #fag #shawn smith
by D-Roc June 18, 2006
When a person gives shout outs to different people, crew and hood.
by D-Roc March 11, 2003
the amount of/level of chea at a given moment.
the cheasissity in math today is of the meter.
by D-Roc April 11, 2005
A Yay Area term for flirting
D'Antae & Miya need to quit CupCakin'
by D-ROC March 07, 2005
When a beat is in a constant loop.
Those bammas are in a vicious pocket.
by D-Roc March 11, 2003
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