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Rolling On the Floor Like Draco
Way to rofld at the Harry Potter premiere!
by ALynnJ42 July 17, 2009
Rolling on the floor laughing Draco Style

Comes from fans of "A Very Potter Musical" and "A Very Potter Sequel".

-Throughout the shows Draco is seen rolling around the stage in a preposterous manner.
Person 1: "I was talking to the duck!"

Random: What are you doing?
AVMPF: Roflds. Duh.
by N!nj@ 8UNNY January 10, 2011
Pronounced "Raful'd" spelled "Rofl'd"
is a shorter, better way to say Rolled On Floor Laughing.
When i seen that episode of Family Guy when Brian whored Connie at Megs prom, i rofl'd
by NoMoreMuffinsForMonny September 21, 2009
v. Past tense of "rofl," rofld signifies having rolled on the floor laughing.
After watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I rofld 'till I peed my pants.
by AthenaSD August 29, 2005
To own someone in a online or any game. Used in the gaming world by bo to point out that he owned someone.
Dude you got rofl'd.
by Amandar August 24, 2006
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