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Rolling On the Floor Like Draco
Way to rofld at the Harry Potter premiere!
by ALynnJ42 July 17, 2009
Pronounced "Raful'd" spelled "Rofl'd"
is a shorter, better way to say Rolled On Floor Laughing.
When i seen that episode of Family Guy when Brian whored Connie at Megs prom, i rofl'd
by NoMoreMuffinsForMonny September 21, 2009
Rolling on the floor laughing Draco Style

Comes from fans of "A Very Potter Musical" and "A Very Potter Sequel".

-Throughout the shows Draco is seen rolling around the stage in a preposterous manner.
Person 1: "I was talking to the duck!"

Random: What are you doing?
AVMPF: Roflds. Duh.
by N!nj@ 8UNNY January 10, 2011
v. Past tense of "rofl," rofld signifies having rolled on the floor laughing.
After watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I rofld 'till I peed my pants.
by AthenaSD August 29, 2005
To own someone in a online or any game. Used in the gaming world by bo to point out that he owned someone.
Dude you got rofl'd.
by Amandar August 24, 2006