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how hot Cho Chang from A Very Potter Musical is
What are you nuts? Beautiful? More like super-mega-awesome-foxy-hot!
by ALynnJ42 July 08, 2009
Rolling On the Floor Like Draco
Way to rofld at the Harry Potter premiere!
by ALynnJ42 July 17, 2009
The worn down parts of jeans on the inner leg area caused by thighs rubbing together. A person can get fat rubs in their jeans without actually being fat, they just don't have a thigh gap.
Damn, I had to throw away two pairs of jeans because they had fat rubs in them!
by alynnj42 March 23, 2013
the opposite of the cat's pajamas. It means uncool, or stupid.
Nate: Woah, look how ugly that car is!

Amanda: Yeah man, it's totally the cat's tophat.
by ALynnJ42 July 15, 2009
to make something wimpy
Was Stephenie Meyer's goal in life to wimpify vampires?
by ALynnJ42 July 03, 2009
a loser
That girl is such a weezer
by alynnj42 October 03, 2010

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