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A typo for ROFL, that is pretty funny when you say it, it gets stuck and you end up saying it all the time. Normally signifies that it is less funny that rofl, as heh is for stuff less funny than haha
<Rogultgot> Ich habe einen....pie
<Bacon> roff
<Bacon> ...I mean rofl
<Bacon> wait, no, roff is good
by Bacon April 11, 2005
Internet lingo derived and from ROFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing)

ROFF = Rolling On the Floor Farting, farting because the situation is so funny you can no longer control your bodily functions. ROFFing surpasses ROFLing.
OMG ROFF, thats soo funny I'm gonna have a sh*t attack!
by Dunky_Hazard January 27, 2009
Rolling On the Floor Failing
Bob; "What did I miss at the party last night?"

Joe; "Not much, just me getting drunk and ROFF."
by EastCoast Kody May 07, 2009
to rub one off/out -
dude1: why is jenkins so happy all the time, i never see that dude pulling snatch -

dude2: could have something to do with the fact that he roffs 3 times a day -
by i am soy el pato August 10, 2010
Rolling on floor frustrated
Steve Carrell in "The Dinner for Schmucks" was so annoying that I was roffing around my living room.

Person:I know you are but what am i?
by Laumein April 09, 2011
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