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Roffe's Syndrome

Very similar to Tourette's Syndrome but where the shouting and swearing is directed at an individual or object.

More prevalent among the Celtic nations, especially the Welsh.

Common treatments include Brown Ale and Jack Daniels CAUTION - if too much treatment is taken then this may cause the syndrome to worsen.

A Roffe is also a unit of measure, 1 Roffe is equiivelent to about 100 decibels
A sufferer launches a sustained verbal attack using choice language on a person who has not done something to his satisfaction.

To go completely Roffe - a completely mental over reaction to a situation.

"He lost his Roffe" - lost his temper

Its only 0.1 Roffe - about 10 decibels
Its over 1.5 Roffe - better wear ear defenders
by Derfl May 12, 2010

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