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The state of being erect; having an erection.
Yo, that bitch got me rocked up.
#erection #hard on #stiffy #flaccid #limp
by Tommy L. October 05, 2005
To get an engagement ring
1) Carrie finally got rocked up after dating David for 4 years.
2) Joni got rocked up with a huge diamond.
#diamond #engagement ring #diamond ring #engagement #ring
by Supersilver August 16, 2009
A test or exam that is full of old exam questions that students have the answers to already.
Man that test was rocked-up! I got like a 105 on that ho!
#test #cheat #exam #eagle #easy
by thaLOGO October 24, 2011
Dressed to the nines, from wardrobe to attitude. All done up and ready to rock!
I'm rocked up to get down!
#dressed up #in good spirits #ready to rock #the bored of education #clifford notes
by Strap-On Sweetie August 21, 2009
High on crack-cocaine.
Dude, Jermaine was rocked up last night.
by Ghetto Fabulous Wanksta April 28, 2005
Arrived somewhere.
"What time did you rock up?"
"I rocked up at about 11pm with Sampson and those cunts."
by Diego September 02, 2003
1. In musicology, Rock up means to acquire a headbanging collection of Rock -n- Roll culture.
2. In drug culture, it means to acquire cocaine and get high
3. In Geology, it means to acquire stones, usually white.
1. Gene Simmons is all rocked up.
2. Yo man, I just rolled over to 3rd and Rocked UP!
3. While at the site, Phil rocked up on his dig.
#erb #syn-heavy metal #ant-anal #rel-music catalog #acquisition #archeology
by Filamena May 22, 2008
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